Preschool Programme

At Discovery Preschool we highlight the importance of Whanaungatanga/ Relationships and valuing children as individual learners.

Children learn through respectful and reciprocal relationships within an inclusive environment.

Tuakana/teina relationships are actively encouraged here at Discovery Preschool. We take pride in working in collaboration with children, parents, whānau, and our community, to create an inclusive programme that meets children’s individual needs and supports their holistic development. We use children’s interests as a vehicle for their learning. Children learn unconsciously when they are involved in things that are of their interest. We use this as a foundation to help weave and create everyday experiences that foster various areas of development.

Our Preschool is an open play learning space that is inclusive and not specific to any age group. We have a wide range of resources and experiences to keep children engaged. Our indoor learning spaces are equipped with resources that promote and foster children’s holistic development. We have designated areas for children to move their bodies and have calm spaces for children to be fully engrossed in an activity without any interruptions. Children can explore freely and have access to a wide range of resources.

Our outdoor space has a covered deck with a sandpit where children can access the outdoors in all seasons of the year.

There is plenty of space on the deck to set up a wide range of activities such as messy play, water play, painting, construction. The deck leads down to our spacious playground area with attachable climbing equipment which is great for all ages and stages. Children can bike and run, swing from the monkey bars, slide down the slide, balance on the swing bridge and play games. We have swings where children can foster gross motor skills and social development. We also have a natural area for children to naturally investigate the living world and fostering and developing their connection to tangata whenua.

School readiness

Daily we introduce and incorporate learning experiences that help prepare children for their transition to school. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their belongings, manage a lunchbox on their own and develop the foundation skills that allow them to be able to thrive in the more teacher orientated school environment. We encourage children to put their name tags on their bags, write their names on their drink bottles and lunch boxes to begin to familiarize with their names.

We have a small mat time in the middle of the day that teaches children to come to the mat when called, listen to the teacher and their peers and be involved in group learning, games, songs and stories. We use a wide range of games to help develop learning dispositions and opportunities that will help them when they go to school. We have a transition to school programme where the 7 oldest children come together for 30 minutes a day to focus on fun activities.

Social and emotional competency

At Discovery Preschool we aim to ensure social and emotional competency is promoted through creating a supportive environment for our tamariki.

We strive to ensure every child feels safe, secure, and valued in the warm and caring environment of our centre. We are committed to supporting tamariki, understanding their needs. We help them to express and regulate their emotions through social and emotional coaching, role modelling, intentional teaching, scaffolding and setting up their environment. We acknowledge that tamariki require teacher free uninterrupted opportunities to solve conflict and practice and refine their working theories during times of conflict. Here at Discovery Preschool, you will hear Kaiako using positive praise and encouragement, along with positive reinforcement of acceptable behaviour to promote a happy and peaceful learning environment.


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